They won a tender with an outsourced team. Can you do that too?

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July 13, 2017

Winning a tender is as simple as making or breaking it in a business. While it is easy to think that a tender is all about preparation, only preparation will not lead you to win. Winning a tender requires accurate preparation, committed execution, and careful risk mitigation. We often hear from our clients about them doing the best they could and yet losing a tender. Does that happen to you as well? If yes then let us try and figure out why it happens and what is required to win that next tender.

Let us take the case of one of our previous clients – XV services(Name changed for anonymity). Before reaching out to us, XV services had lost 4 out of the 5 tenders that they had bid for in the last 10 months. In order to figure out why, they reached out to us, an IT offshore services company.

To solve this, we started interviewing their team, setting up dedicated long hours with their sales team’s head, and studying their competitors on their tender wins.

We figured that their biggest challenge was that when they had to bid for a big tender, they had no dedicated team that could deliver and submit the tender at the right time. For instance, when they had to submit a tender wherein they were required to service 1000 buildings for ground services, it was almost impossible for them to physically visit all sites and prepare plans for those sites. On top of that, they were not subcontracting or outsourcing anything to IT offshore services at that moment.

As part of our execution, we used google earth extensively to develop site plans and uploaded them into a system to automatically generate quotations based on relevant building plans. This collection of bits & pieces in integrating an entire tender is where most of the firms fail but we ensured that their automated sales system was updated and responded with utmost efficiency whenever a tender was floated.

We were eventually able to collaborate with our client to such an extent that our client ended up getting 3 of the next 4 tenders they applied for.

At Unipath, we strongly believe that cheap is not always poor and our services, although affordable, are highly professional and served in the best interest of our clients. We are dedicated to our values of integrity, excellence, respect, and punctuality and look forward to being your partners in your growth journey.

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