Million pounds of outstanding credit was brought down to 100k-200k pounds through a Customer Data(CD) team. Is that something that concerns you?

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August 4, 2017

Generating cash flow every quarter might seem like an ordinary task, but it is often quite complex due to factors like delays in accepting purchase orders. Our clients often share instances where they were kept waiting for months & in some bizarre instances, for years.

If this scenario sounds similar to you, we understand your worry and completely empathize with you as we understand the super importance of having a positive cash flow every quarter. So let us describe a case where one of our clients was severely out of cash flow due to 1 million pounds worth of impending credit that they were supposed to recover from their suppliers. Initially, they did not pay heed to this as they could not realize the massive barriers that were about to come due to the cash crunch in the future. However, 6 months down the line, the CFO announced a panic meeting and informed the leadership about how they had 1 million pounds of impending credit due to a lack of fulfilled purchase orders. This brought about panic in the strategy team and they planned on subcontracting their cashflow management to an IT offshore services company.

First & foremost, we announced an audit of their Customer Data team, and what we found led them astonished as they discovered that they had not been able to convert purchase orders in the last 6 months, and if it continued this way, they would easily default on their upcoming payments to their suppliers & employees. They also found that their data was not automated and made frequent errors in following an email sequence that was created to routinely ask for purchase order conversions to clients. That is when they reached out to us thanks to our personal reputation in this business.

We immediately created a Data audit team that created a form and got the entire data required from all the clients, updated that in the client’s database, and then automated the entire process to create a timely programmed email sequence that would send Purchase Order emails to the right people at the right time. We also ensure that the system would routinely checks whether the data in the system is up to date or not.

Eventually, with the right coordination between us and our client, we sorted their issues and in about 4 months, we brought their outstanding credit from 1 million pounds to 100k-200k pounds.

If you too are looking to automate your Customer Data team and save yourself from unnecessary financial abruptions, we would be keen to be your outsourcing partner. We, at Unipath, are dedicated to our values of integrity, excellence, respect, and punctuality. We look forward to being your partners in your growth journey. Reach out to us at and our dedicated key account manager would arrange everything for you promising complete integrity, commitment, punctuality, and respect.